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Versace Eros Flame - Eau de Parfum (100 ml)

Versace Eros Flame - Eau de Parfum (100 ml)

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Versace Eros Flame - Eau de Parfum (100 ml)

Versace Eros Flame is a passionate and bold fragrance that embodies the spirit of love and seduction. Launched in 2018, this perfume is an intense statement of strength, character and confidence, designed for the man who lives life with passion and emotion.

Product characteristics:

  • Size: 100ml
  • Top Notes: Lemon, mandarin orange, black pepper, rosemary and chinotto, offering a citrus and spicy opening.
  • Heart Notes: Pepper, geranium and rose, creating a warm and floral heart.
  • Base Notes: Cedar wood, patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla, providing a rich and woody base.
  • Bottle Design: A vibrant and elegant red bottle, symbolizing the passion and fire of love. Versace's classic and luxurious design is present in every detail of the bottle.

Fragrance Description:

Versace Eros Flame is a fragrance that captures the duality of passion and freshness. Citrus and spicy top notes of lemon, mandarin orange, black pepper, rosemary and chinotto awaken the senses with vibrant freshness. The warm, floral heart of pepper, geranium and rose adds depth and character, while base notes of cedarwood, patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla create a rich, long-lasting base that envelops the senses in warm seduction.

Recommendations for use:

  • Apply to pulse points such as wrists, neck and behind the ears for longer wear and projection.
  • Ideal for nights and special occasions, bringing a touch of passion and sophistication to your presence.


Versace Eros Flame is inspired by the Greek god of love, Eros, and celebrates the duality of fire and passion in life. It is a fragrance that reflects the strength and character of the man who lives each moment with intensity and emotion.

Why Should You Have It?

Versace Eros Flame is more than a perfume; It is an expression of passion and strength. Using Eros Flame is lighting a flame of seduction and leaving a lasting and memorable impression. Its unique combination of citrus, floral and woody notes makes it an essential addition for any man who wants to stand out with a bold and passionate scent. With Versace Eros Flame, you will always be ready to conquer with confidence and style.

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