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Magnetic Eyelash + Eyeliner + Tweezer

Magnetic Eyelash + Eyeliner + Tweezer

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Magnetic Eyelash + Eyeliner + Tweezer

Magnetic eyelashes kit with 5 magnets each + waterproof eyeliner + easy application tweezers

3 styles of magnetic false eyelashes, they are super light, have 5 micro magnets for greater adhesion and can be trimmed to fit the size of the eye.

Instructions for use


Shake the bottle before use and seal the bottle in time after use.

Make sure you have passed the allergy test before using this product on your eyelid. (Try in hand).

The performance will be better if you can put on the eyelashes before the eyeliner line dries completely, and improving the eyeliner line will also be perfect for the performance.

Eye contact: Rinse with clean water immediately if the product enters the eyes by accident, in case of serious situation, please go to the hospital for treatment.

How does it apply?

Please read the above notice before using this product.

Carefully draw the eyeliner line along with your eye shape, make sure the line is close to the roots of your real eyelash.

Bend your magnetic eyelash band to make it softer and perfect fit for your eye shape.

Take the end tip of the magnetic eyelash hairs with tweezers or fingers, and put it on your real eyelash, then make the magnets slowly approach and connect with the eyeliner line, before drying totally.

Gently adjust, until the lash is applied perfectly.

How to Withdraw?

Put enough makeup remover liquid on the cotton pads.

Close your eyes and cover the pads on the eyelash, press or tap lightly so that the liquid spreads evenly to the eyelash.

Wait 1 minute, then remove the lashes.

Clean the eyelid and false eyelashes with micellar water or your makeup remover product and reuse it next time.

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